Sleeping Forever Grand Cru 500mL bottle **NOT AVAILABLE TO SHIP**

⌛️☠️⚰️ Sleeping Forever Grand Cru is a blend of 1, 2, and 3 year old Buffalo Trace bourbon barrel aged Sleeping Forever. It has an exceptionally refined depth of barrel character and flavor that only comes with time and careful blending of different vintages. Sleeping Forever Grand Cru will only be released every 5 years and is packaged in matte black bottles, waxed dipped, black velvet labels, wrapped in a custom handkerchief, and laid to rest in special individual boxes with a faux ostrich skin exterior and red velvet interior. All you could ask for in a bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout – layer upon layer of sweet tobacco, drippy/oily vanilla, melted dark chocolate, top-shelf bourbon, and balanced American oak. ⌛️☠️⚰️

13% ABV

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